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Hi, I'm Richard. Although most people call me pilly. Maybe I'll explain why somewhere at some point. I live in Oxford and work near Reading where I am a "Quality Manager". "What does that mean?" I hear you ask "Does it just mean you're a Really Good Manager?" Well, not quite... Here, have a whole page about quality.

I've worked in Quality for a number of years now, both in my current job and previously at Benteler Automotive UK. Before that I was a student in Engineering and Computer Science at Lincoln College, Oxford (part of the University of Oxford) and before that at Wellingborough School.

It was while I was at School I got interested in Theatre. Part of the reason for writing this website was to remind myself just how much stuff I've done! I enjoy theatre and because of it I spend a lot of time in the dark! You see I mostly work on the technical or backstage side. On rare occasions, I've been known to go on the stage; and since the age of 11, the only times I have done this is with the Oxford University Light Entertainment Society (OULES). I've also written scripts and directed once or twice. Most of my directing has been with Two Shades of Blue but I was also the director of Kettering Gang Show for 3 years.

For those who don't know, a Gang Show is a variety show produced by Scouts (and Guides). It is said that every night somewhere in the world a Gang Show is being performed. I've been involved in Scouting since the age of 6 and was one of the first Beaver Scouts. I am currently an Assistant Scout Leader at the 43rd Oxford (St Nicholas) Scout Group, who meet in Old Marston.

Theatre and Scouting take up most of my spare time, but I still find time to tinker with computers, listen to music and do some other miscellaneous thing...

Last year I married the most wonderful person in the world, Elena. We had a rainbow themed wedding - more details on the wedding website.

Hopefully you've had fun reading my website.
Richard "pilly" Harwen
18th February 2017

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